A collection of short narrative and abstract films that I have made while attending the

glorious animation department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.

2013 - PRESENT


"Motion Pictures"

A boys love of action movies becomes his only outlet after facing a far more difficult battle in reality.


A child accidentally exposes his individuality at school and is bullied to hide his true self. Will he conform to his surroundings and become a flat piece of animation, or will he stand strong and express in volume, his originality.

"Fly Cacti"

The boring mundane life of a cactus is interrupted by an object in motion.

"Django Unchained"

An educational project creating a title sequence for one of my favorite films, Django unchained

"Geometric Orgy"

An exploration of the mating habits of Geometric shapes.

"Trash Bullies"

An innocent bus patron becomes engulfed in a messy situation that was in no part his own doing.

"Get It!"

Short animation for a Massart class based upon a short haiku.


A man slowly realizes that he has veered off course of what truly makes him happy.