A collection of my graphic design work ranging from page layouts to logo design

and company branding. Design is every where.

2013 - PRESENT

page & cover Design

A collection of Page and cover layouts that I designed and created for a wide array of clients while working at McNeil Gray & Rice in Boston MA. All Content provided by MGR. All designed using Adobe illustrator, In design, or Photoshop.

Article Layout Design

An example of an article layout I designed for ACO Polymer Products while working for McNeil Gray & Rice. The content is provided by MGR, and I designed the page and cover layouts.

Logo Design

A collection of logo's I have designed over the past years. Some were successful and used for the company or project, while others didn't make the cut but were great exercise.

website design

I built this entire website (that you are hopefully enjoying) from scratch using Adobe Muse. I utilized my graphic design background to create this entire virtual representation of who I am as an artist. Thank you so much for visiting and enjoy the rest of your visit!