animation tests

Rough animation  work to study movement, perspective, direction, and weight.

A look into my unfinished animation process.

2013 - PRESENT

"Blob 'n' Bone Walk Cycle"

A 3D animation test of two original characters I designed, to see the weight and motion of these two characters combined as a single walking form.

"Pizza Pizza"

A pencil test of a crooked slice of pizza trying to escape the confines of this refrigerator like prison. Spoilers: He fails.

"Ash & Flip Dialog Test"

A dialog and lip-sync test for these two original characters I developed to contrast and compliment each other.

"Blob Emotion Test"

An animation test to see the emotional range of this simple goop like character with no bones or muscles.

"I Will Feast Upon Your Soul"

A quick pencil test for lip-syncing and timing practice. Dialog is based on a childhood favorite, Army of Darkness.

"Love & Lover"

A hand drawn test/film about adultery and the spontaneous actions that come along with it.

"Towel Dry"

A small pencil test for a goofy character washing their grundle.